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America Supports You: 'Cookie Lady' Gives Troops Taste of Home
WASHINGTON, July 28, 2005 - The aroma of fresh-baked cookies filling the entryway of the small apartment brings a reminiscent feeling of home for many visitors. It does not, however, give an idea of the magnitude of the efforts of the one-woman cookie factory within these walls.

Local Veteran Receives Life-Changing Gift

A local veteran, who injured her knees while fighting in Iraq back in 2003, received a gift Saturday that she says will change her life forever.

'Cookie Lady' Warms Troops With Treats

It's always difficult for United States servicemen and women to be away from home, serving overseas, and especially so during the holiday season, and especially during wartime.
But one Virginia woman is making an extraordinary effort to give them a little taste of home.

Cookie Lady’s baked gifts lift military morale around the world
When Lt. j.g. Gregory Trach received an e-mail from Germaine Broussard two years ago asking permission to send cookies to his ship,he thought little of it.
“Thank you for your support of the U.S. military,” he responded,then dismissed the request as a thoughtful but meaningless gesture.


It was great to read the article and know that we have been on the other end. Thanks for all of your hard work. We send what we get out to our guys at the forward positions in Fallujah. I don't get to see them open the boxes but when I go out to their positions I also don't see much laying around. In other words, your cookies were already consumed by the time I get there.

I appreciate the services to us. It means a lot to our guys to know that people back home care about them. The sacrifices they make are tremendous, but with people like you to help. It makes these sacrifices less painful.

Hello and thanks for your care package! My Marines were overjoyed and thankful for your kindness. Have to tell you we just left ground combat operations and sometimes out in barren terrain your mind wonders and you day dream about why you're there and when is this going to end. Then you receive care packages from total strangers and it hits you like a brick, to protect and serve the finest people and land on the face of the planet! Again thank you so much! Hope your life is filled with happiness!

Stay safe, God Bless Semper FI.

Thank You so much for the care packages!!! I can't put into words how much they boost morale on an extended deployment for the men out here!.
Thank you for all the great treats you sent us. The men really enjoy them and appreciate that people are thinking about us back home.
We can't thank you enough for sending us the packages. People we have never met have been going out of their way to make us comfortable and we certainly appreciate it. Typical deployments are hard enough, but being at the seemingly very end of the earth with little normal contact with home makes it harder. Rest assured everything you sent was quickly divided up and put to use. It makes us feel good to know Americans like yourself care enough to take time out of their days to prepare a little box of "home".
Thanks you so much for the boxes of great stuff you sent to my command. I had my Command Master Chief distribute the items to all hands today at Shift Change. Everyone appreciated the toiletries (especially the powder!), the bags of candy, the popcorn, and especially the notes from the children. They really brightened up our day! We are fast approaching the half way point in our deployment, and it was really a big morale boost to receive such nice care packages. I can safely speak for all the troops over here by saying how much we appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Again thank you so much for the care packages. Your support for all of us proudly wearing the uniform of the United States of America is greatly appreciated.

Thank you ma'am for the kind comments and the request. More often than not, individual soldiers don't get the recognition they deserve. The leaders are praised by the community and the individuals that made the mission succeed are overlooked by those same people. Many of us wonder if America even realizes that there are still soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines over here. Events aren't calm. American soldiers are still in danger. There is still an insurgency in this country.
Ma'am, I have told my fellow soldiers of your letter and they are happy to hear that there are individuals like yourself that are willing to look out for us. We gladly accept your request to send us your care packages.

Today I received another box of cookies in a never-ending supply of cookie boxes! Thank you so much! On behalf of the soldiers of 5th Platoon, I would like to thank you for your continued support and contributions. Your cookies and other packages have certainly made life more easy going for all of us throughout this year long mission.

I just wanted to send you our thanks for the box of "stuff" you provided. I thought that you should know that U.S. Army Soldiers and a USMC Marine are all enjoying the gifts you sent. I do know your gift is greatly appreciated by our U.S. service members who are operating deep in the southern part of Ethiopia near the Somali border in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Of course I am unable to disclose to you the units and their location. But I would like to share with you how austere the location is lacking drinking tap-water, Internet service and the other comforts we enjoy daily or maybe even take for granted back at home. I know that your gifts will make it a little bit more pleasant especially the thought coming all the way from the U.S. mainland. Your actions and gifts are indeed "priceless".

I received your box of Valentine's cards and homemade cookies. I loved the jokes and my team is tired of hearing them but, your homemade cookies more than made up for it! Me and our team really appreciate you and your group taking the time to put together a care box. It's always good to open boxes up from home.

Thank you so much. The packages came in three days ago before I had left for a mission. There was four of us in my room opening them all up. By far the best packages ever. The little notes from the kids were great. A smile on every ones face. At the moment I'm having a PP&J sandwich. I haven't had one in months. Thank you.

Everyone in the squad loved the cookies, they didn't last too long. The bread, and chips all made it no problem. Those little tuna and chicken salad with crackers are the best thing out here. I can't say Thank You enough. Every one says thanks.
Every one in the company knows when it's an early X-Mas when they see me bringing all the packages into the room to sort everything out. We try our best to spread everything out. I like passing out to those who really don't get anything during mail call. I remember what it was like last time I was out here for the ground war, what it was like to get mail.
The little drink packs are the best thing out here. We drink bottled water and we can just rip them open and mix it all up. Makes it easy while we're driving down the road.
It's so good the hear that that you send a bunch of care packages out. We love people and groups like you. I'm tired of hearing about college kids that don't really know what goes on out here complaining about us.


Proudly serving those who serve